Internal Customer Service

When you are a customer, how do you judge customer service?  Quality.  Value.  Speed.  Help with resolving your problems.  I like to think of associates as customers of the management team.  How would your direct reports rate your management “product”?
  1. Quality
    • Training that helps the associate make meaningful progress.
    • Feedback and coaching that lets them know where they stand.
    • Relationships that foster productivity.
  2. Value
    • Clear, consistent, and accurate communication of the company vision.
    • Long-term planning and helping the associate see the big picture.
    • Goal setting guiding the associate to success.
  3. Speed
    • Availability of support.
    • Response times to questions.
    • Keeping appointments and commitments; starting and ending meetings on time.
  4. Helping in a Time of Need
    • Family first values and understanding associate priorities.
    • Scheduling and time off.
    • Resolving conflicts.

Just satisfying customers does not create long-term value.  Real value comes from delighting customers through surprising, refreshingly excellent professional service.

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