Our First Family Vacation

Last night, our three-month-old son Jack slept through the night. Eight straight hours, his personal best, and it happened on our first family vacation.

Today we’re having breakfast overlooking the Old Harbor in Block Island. It’s about two weeks away from busy season so it’s pretty quiet here today. The waitress keeps stopping by our table, rapping some baby talk at Jack, and he is giving her a big smile. I start every day with black coffee, but when I am on vacation, black coffee clears my mind and gets me ready to relax rather than to work.

Beach time. Sly and the Family Stone appropriately fill the background via Pandora.
Hot Fun In The Summer Time. We are laying in the sand, the three of us. A soft sweet breeze carries the scent of peonies and native island roses to our blanket, and I catch Jack and Kelly smiling at each other.

Later, Jack’s toes touch the cool calm ocean water for the first time. He seems hypnotized by the rhythmic ocean. I dip his feet as the tiny waves gently land at the shore; they whisper to him as he nods off in my arms.

In the distance ahead, the clear blue water snuggles up against the baby blue sky. Behind us, the purple and yellow Victorian architecture is gracefully muted by a hundred and fifty years of salt water spray. No clouds above us and no people on either side. We love Block Island this time of year.

Now we’re on the deck at the National Hotel for dinner – clams with salt, drawn butter and cold Narragansett beer. Jack has milk for his appetizer and we laugh when he burps in the quiet dining room. His entrée arrives at the same time as mommy and daddy’s — he’s having a nap for his main course. We talk and eat, then stop to stare at him sleeping, just like we’ve been doing for the past three months. Staring at our baby boy never gets old, and the pace of this perfect vacation let’s us stare a little longer.

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