The Perfect Job

Enjoy your stupid barbecue America. I hope it rains on your pool party. Working Memorial Day weekend is one part of my retail management job I will never get used to. In fact, I don’t care much for working any holidays, nights or weekends like my job requires. It stinks and I have a right to pout about it

I imagine there’s parts of your job you don’t like either. Maybe you have a crummy boss or you don’t find the work interesting or you think they don’t pay you enough. Please feel free to join my pouting. If only we could all have the perfect job.

It’s weekends like Memorial Day weekend that I ask myself, “Why do I put up with these crazy hours?” The real question I have to ask myself is, “What am I willing to give up to get better hours?” 

I know what I wouldn’t give up. The perfect job would have to be with a growth company, like the one I work for now, so I could see a clear path for advancement. My position would have to be significant enough that I could see myself contributing to the organization in a meaningful way, like I get the opportunity to do now through committees and task forces. I’d also have to have a position where I felt challenged and had a ton of autonomy. I would need a flexible boss who manages based on results and trusts me – kind of like the boss I have now.

Sure, I could probably find a job where I could work my dream hours – Monday-through-Friday-nine-to-five. Then I could spend my Memorial Days eating hot dogs and potato salad like the rest of you. But if I went to some dead-end job with a lousy micro-managing boss, I’d be miserable even if I had great hours. My job is perfect in every other way, and I’m not willing to give up all the great things I have for a stupid parade or barbecue. So I’m sticking with my almost perfect job. Let it rain!

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