I Won’t Be Fooled Again!

Dunkin Donuts logo
Dunkin Donuts logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past few weeks my wife and closest friends conspired together and lied to me a dozen or so times to pull off a birthday surprise. They got me good.

I thought I was playing in a golf tournament with my buddy Jody. So yesterday morning we met up and we stopped for a coffee on our way to the golf course. We pulled into a Dunkin Donuts, and while I was waiting for my iced coffee I noticed a table of guys that looked just like my friends from back home. After a moment I realized they were my friends for back home. My next thought was that this was quite a coincidence. Why would Mike, Buck and Hari be at some random spot in Wallingford, Conn. at the same time as us? I finally figured it out. I’d been duped in the lobby of a Dunkin Donuts.

I now know that about a month ago, when Kelly and I were out to dinner with Jody and his wife, the conspiracy was born while I left the table for a minute to use the restroom. Through a series of subsequent debates via Facebook messages, emails, texts, and phone calls, an elaborate plan was hatched for a boys night out birthday celebration. Everyone took the weekend off and drove from hours away for the big night.

We had a great time golfing at Lyman Orchards, touring Mohegun Sun, and dining at Ballo Restaurant. We even went out for a bit after dinner, which was some sight – five aging and aching friends saying goodbye to my twenties among a crowd of youngsters saying hello to theirs. I haven’t stayed up that late in a long time.

Sure there were hints. Everyone had been acting a little strange for a couple of weeks. Yes, I should have seen it coming. What a naive sucker I am – believing my closest companions as they swore there would be no surprise. It turns out my amazing wife and my oldest friends are better bluffers than I thought. I still love you all, and hope to repay the favor. Thank you.

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