2012 Election: My Views, Votes and Predictions

I started nibbling on the election coverage late last year, and during the primary season the hook was set. All year I’ve been reeled in by CNN, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and all of your Twitter and Facebook posts.Tonight is election eve, and I’ve decided that it’s my turn to join the conversation. Here are my three most important issues for getting our economy moving along with my positions:

1. Partisanship: Congress has stalled as each party has moved away from the center and entrenched themselves into immovable principle-based philosophic positions. When there is gridlock in a business, the rank and file employees don’t take the blame – the leaders do. And if the leaders cannot get things done, the leaders get changed. I’m voting for moderate leaders who are willing to compromise to produce legislation that will get our country moving forward.

2. Taxes: I believe we need to simplify our tax system, lower tax rates, and broaden the tax base. Lowering tax rates while closing loop holes would effectively get the rich to pay their fair share, as wealthy Americans are much more likely to take full advantage of legal tax lowering strategies (i.e. itemizing deductions, tax shelters). And at a 35% corporate tax rate we are the least competitive country in the developed world. Yet by using some of same loopholes and legal tax avoidance strategies, huge corporations can lower their effective tax rates into the single digits. A lower tax rate without the loopholes would be fairer and would bring jobs back to America.

3. Energy Independence: We’re hooked on fossil fuels for the foreseeable future, and we have an ocean of natural gas and oil, along with the world’s largest recoverable reserves of coal right here in North America. We have so much energy that the next great economic boom could be right below our feet. I also believe that government investment in research and development of the energy technologies of the future is important.

And here’s who I’m voting for, along with my predictions for how I see the election panning out:

2nd Congressional District: I like democrat Joe Courtney, and I think he’s a decent congressman. I met him once and saw him speak a couple of times. I even voted for Joe in 2010 because he broke from his party in voting against TARP in 2008, and he has helped protect submarine manufacturing jobs here in Connecticut as a member of the Seapower subcommittee. Joe is losing my vote this year because of his recent votes against free trade agreements, his support for big labor, and his advocacy for a more “progressive” tax system (i.e. raising rates). Prediction: My vote goes to businessman and local municipal leader Paul Formica, but Courtney the populist will win big anyway.

U.S. Senate: Republican Linda McMahon gets my vote for Joe Lieberman’s old seat. Her extremely liberal opponent Chris Murphy voted with Nancy Pelosi in the house 1788 times since 2007, and he was LEFT of his party’s leadership on some bi-partisan congressional efforts. McMahon is running as moderate, touting herself as a pragmatic business woman who will work to get things moving in the Senate. Prediction: Murphy is being outspent by a fortune, and is running a lousy campaign, but he’s still polling comfortably ahead. Sadly McMahon won’t get the miracle she needs on election day, and we’ll be sending another extremist to the senate.

POTUS: I freely admit that as a registered republican I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. I believed candidate Obama’s boldness and charisma would help him execute his message of unity and change. I’m not voting for him again because he has failed as a leader to make good on this promise. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t get results for four years at my job, I would get fired. And in the business world, leaders don’t get to blame employees for lack of results. Leaders have a responsibility to work with all stakeholders to get things done, no excuses. President Obama has failed to show the leadership necessary to bring congress together. Of course congress bears part of the blame, but a true leader would have united congress, not participated in dividing it further. Prediction: Most polls show the president’s lead has dwindled or disappeared both nationally and in key swing states. Romney is now favored in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Today’s reports from Ohio show a lower early voter turnout than 2008, which favors Romney. I think Romney will squeak out Ohio and maybe even turn another blue state red, like Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney will become the 45th President of the United Sates of America.


Welcome to my blog. I have been a manager for fifteen years, and for the past five years I have been leading teams of 500 people or more as a director and VP for large growth companies. I share my leadership journey and thoughts here with the hopes of helping and inspiring other leaders.

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