Management Skills: There’s No Such Thing As ‘Manager’

Manager is a just a made up word. Supposedly a manager is a person who controls a portion of a business, but you and I know this is silly, and not a real thing.

Any control this person has is an illusion. People don’t act because the person called their manager told them to. People do what their individual Will tells them to do. Their Will barks orders and they listen – make more money, try to get promoted, do your best, stay late tonight, check your Facebook page, try not to get fired, take a nap, sleep with your coworker, steal just a little, etc.

People cannot hear the so-called manager over this loud voice in their head called their Will, and this frustrates the person who believes that a manager is a real thing. So the manager yells louder and meaner. Sometimes a manager finds ways to buy the Will of people. Sometimes the manager does evil things to bend the Will of people. Sometimes a coincidence happens, and the Will of the people aligns with the orders of the manager, and the manager thinks he controlled something, and the manager feels real. Then the coincidence ends and the manager is confused and frustrated again.

Businesses are mosaics of individual Wills juxtaposing desires to buy things, invest money, spend time doing something meaningful, play an imaginary power game, or achieve some other end. They are prisms that real people pass massive chunks of their lives through. A manager is just a person interacting with other people who are exactly the same as he is.