Baby Brain

I’ve had some serious writer’s block lately. I’ve been tired. New assignment at work. New baby at home. So tired.

In addition to a lack of blogging, I’ve noticed the following side effects resulting from the condition I’ve come to know as “baby brain”:

  • I’m very forgetful (I actually almost forgot what I was going to type here). I lose my train of thought mid-sentence at work. I forget why I walked into a room. I click “new email”, but forget what to type before the window opens.
  • I’m very dumb. I drive past my exits on the highway. I look for my cell phone all over the place – under couch cushions and such – only to notice that I’m talking on my cell phone. I use words that sound like English, but don’t actually exist in any language.
  • I’m very hungry. Last night I ate chicken parm, about a pound of white pasta with ricotta, half of a loaf of garlic bread, half of Jack’s piece of pizza, and a cannoli.
  • I’m very cranky. Everyone’s walking on egg shells around me.
  • I’m kind of apathetic. I’m just going through the motions at work and at home right now.

Someone call the whambulance. I know, I’m a big cry baby. I’m not even the one doing any of the real work at home – Kelly gets up with Gracie at night and she takes care of both of the kids all stinkin’ day. I don’t know how she does it.

Anyway, I’m trying to suck it up and snap out of my funk. I will let you know when I pull my head out of the sand. In the meantime, to my coworkers, family, and eager blog followers: thank you for your patience.

baby brain
At least one of us is sleeping.
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