My Predictions on the Rest of Game of Thrones, Based on Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning

I think I know how the rest of Game of Thrones will play out. No spoilers, just guesses. Guesses based on Jordan B Peterson’s “Maps of Meaning“, which is like a legend to the maps of traditional archetypical storytelling, but it’s so much more than that (future post on this to come soon).

First, here is what I believe each of the remaining great houses and characters represent:

  • Targaryen, The Dragon: The dragon is the symbol of pure chaos. The last Targaryen king was called the Mad King because he lost his mind and started killing everyone (chaos). Daenerys has already shown her propensity to destroy the old order in favor of chaos. She is the “breaker of chains,” known for freeing slaves and disrupting the old order. Also, on several occasions she has shown a desire to burn the world to the ground, while advisors like Tyrion try to suppress her chaotic thoughts in favor of order. If you thought she was the hero of the story, I think you’re wrong. She’s the villain. dany
  • Lannister, The Lion: The lion is the king of the jungle and is the symbol here of order, or more specifically tyranny. Their slogan is “A Lannister always pays their debts,” which means they are predictable and creditworthy, another symbol of order. Even Tywin and Tyrion’s names have a ring of “tyranny” to them. They have a mighty army and Lannisters are oppressive, controlling, and master manipulators. CS 65 Friday 22nd October 2010
  • Stark, The Wolf: I think the Starks are the “wise king” version of the Lannisters. They are traditionalists, that is they represent order, but they take the honesty and integrity approach to order rather than the tyranny approach like the Lannisters. Most of the Starks of been destroyed, and they need a savior to revivify their house.
  • The Night King and the White Walkers: White and the night both represent death. Also, in the bible, anything coming from the north and descending to the south is a representation of The Fall and death. The white walkers are The Flood that will come and reset the world, destroy everything, because the world has become corrupt. night king
  • Jon Snow: Jon is half Stark (order/wise king) and half Targaryen (chaos/dragon). Jon’s old mission in life has been to make his father proud. He did his time at the wall, faced the Night King (and ran from him), was betrayed by his closest brothers and killed. Then he rose from the dead. Hello people, he’s the hero, the Jesus character. And what has the new Jon done since his rebirth? He is choosing to confront the dragon of chaos (Danerys) with the goal of willingly confront (instead of running from) and conquering the Night King (death). jon snow

Ok, so how do I think it all plays out?

  1. Chaos destroys the order: All of the remaining Starks and the Lannisters will die at the hands of Dany and her dragons (maybe some at the hands of the Night King). None will survive. (Except maybe Arya, who I hope disappears like her wolf Nymeria and becomes a spin off.)
  2. Jon Snow willingly confronts the dragon to conquer death, again: Jon will confront Daenerys (as we learned last week) and join forces with her. They will fight together along with Bran and their armies to defeat the Night King, but many will die. The Night King will kill any remaining evidence of corruption in Westeros.
  3. Dany will become Jon’s adversary and he will kill her: Daenerys will become drunk with her own power and blind to the consequences of her actions. She will fall in love with herself and her dragons and go mad. As a Mad Queen, she will be unable to listen to the advice of Tyrion and Jon (2 representations, and she will need to be destroyed. She is Aniken Skywalker becoming Vader. She is Loki in the Avengers. She’s Cain and Goliath from the Bible. And Jon is the only one who can stop her, and after he does he will rule the 7 Kingdoms, revivifying the Stark name and his father, Ned. After all, Jon’s the hero and the hero always slays the dragon in the end.