Demma Family Update

Hello Everyone,

I have some personal updates for all of our friends and colleagues out there.

First, Kelly and I are excited to announce that we have welcomed our fourth baby into the family. Baby George was born on 5/16/2018 at 12:11 PM. He’s a big healthy boy, born at 9 lbs 10 oz. My wife did an amazing job with the labor and delivery. It’s been incredible to watch her bring our four kids into this world. Kelly is a super hero when it comes to delivery. She was calm the whole time and the staff all said she made it look easy.

The other update is that we are moving back to the East Coast. I’ve been with current company for a year and a few months, and it has been a great match. I love working for this company, I love our culture, and I love all of my teammates up, down, and across the entire org. My family is thrilled that the company is supporting us as we transfer to Virginia in the coming weeks (when we got the news Kelly said, “I feel like we got engaged again!”).

There are a lot of things we’ll miss about the Seattle area. Most of all for me, I’ll really miss my team here at work. We have a special group in Washington and Alaska. I’ll remember our time together as among the most rewarding in my career. I’ll also miss The Coach and the entire team Foster Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, who welcomed Jack and I into their family this past year. Our family will miss a number of great friends we’ve made in the neighborhood and through the kids’ schools and activities. It’s amazing and humbling how kind people were to us during our time here. We’ll also miss St. Stephen’s church, the cool tourist sites and restaurants in the city of Seattle, the mountains and evergreens (even tough we’re not really “out-doorsy”), and Uber Eats and Amazon Prime Now 2 hour delivery. It’s been real Seattle.

Kelly and I have our ten year wedding anniversary coming up in June (6/7/8). It’s been a wild ride. We’ve had four kids in three states, moved about 5,500 miles, invested in 4 houses, and been through major acquisitions, promotions, and job changes at work. We want to thank all of our family and friends who has supported us over the years, especially our parents. It takes a village to raise a family, and in our case, it’s been a few villages. This month is the capstone of our wild decade, with our fourth baby arriving and us moving across the country within 2 weeks! Our hope is that this next move will create some stability for us for some time to come. We’ve enjoyed the adventure so far, and look forward to the adventures yet to come.


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