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Fortune Favors the Offensive: 5 Principles of speed and aggression from history’s greatest generals

One of the great regrets of my life is not having served in the military. I’ve become painfully aware of my lack of service since moving to the D.C. area, where it […]


Screen Addiction

I read this Newsweek article called “Is the Internet Making Us Crazy” last week. It’s about how people are becoming more addicted to the web, digital devices, and screens in general. I am […]

The Perfect Job

Enjoy your stupid barbecue America. I hope it rains on your pool party. Working Memorial Day weekend is one part of my retail management job I will never get used to. In fact, […]


I’m obsessed. “Stop checking that damn phone,” is the advice I get from my wife on off days. Each hour I get an automatic email with a sales update, and sometimes I […]


My time is beginning to pass faster. I barely noticed it. The other day Kelly and I were looking at some pictures from when we first met, and, boy, I looked a […]